Nokia: Phone Not Enough Memory

Phone not enough memory.. Does it sounds familiar? If it is, I guess you need a MobiMb to clear the temporary memory usage stored in your phone. I think it usually happens to Nokia phone. When?? When you are previewing your theme. Remember? The one that you press down, a preview of the theme appears, you press down again, another appears. The memory used for this previews stored in an invincible file that you can't see on your mobile nor your PC Suite. So, you need MobiMB to view and delete the files. MobiMB is Mobile Media Browser. After installing the software, what's the next step? Connect your phone to the PC; be it cable, InfraRed or Bluetooth. Then select Gallery and look for themepreview folder. Click that folder and you'll see another folder called previewdata. Now open that folder and delete all the files in the folder. Now exit the program and check on your phone. So, does the application you are trying to make before the memory clearance applies now?


innovative thinker said...

Easy way to Solve "not enough memory problem" in S40 phones!!

Most of the Nokia users got this issue in your life.

Increase your phone memory not solve this issue.

The original reason is the skin files for

Your predefmediaplayer or Fmradio is corrupted

or deleted in your phone.

Just refer this blog

You will definitely resolve got resolved.